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Albany Junior High School Visit

Netball teams

Last Friday, we had the absolute pleasure of hosting Albany Junior High School from New Zealand right here at Cronulla High School! 🇳🇿🇦🇺

This incredible cultural exchange has been ongoing for a few years now, and the bonds forged between our students remain strong to this day. 🤝

The day was filled with excitement as our junior girls and boys engaged in friendly football and netball matches. New friendships blossomed as we had the privilege of sharing a heartwarming morning tea together.

A highlight of the day was Albany Junior High School's powerful performance of their school Haka, a beautiful gesture of gratitude towards our students. It was a truly special moment that left a lasting impact. 🙌❤️

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Costa, Mrs. Notaras, and Miss Gerrish for their invaluable involvement with our sporting teams. Also, a big shoutout to our dedicated SASS staff for organizing the delightful morning tea. 🙏

This cultural exchange has not only strengthened our ties with our neighbors across the Tasman Sea but has also enriched our lives with lasting memories and friendships. Here's to many more years of connection and shared experiences!