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TAS - Home economics

Design and technology HSC

Design and Technology has a unique focus on creativity, innovation and the successful implementation of innovative ideas. Students will investigate the importance of evaluation, the role of computer-based technologies, management, communication and collaborative design, as well as exploring current and emerging technologies. Through the completion of quality design projects manufactured from any suitable material/s, students are provided with the opportunity to develop specific production and manufacturing skills.

Food technology

Opportunities exist for students to develop skills relating to food that are relevant and transferable to other settings. Such skills include the ability to research, analyse and communicate. Students also develop the capability and competence to experiment with and prepare food as well as design, implement and evaluate solutions to a range of food situations.

The syllabus is inclusive of the needs, interests and aspirations of both genders and provides opportunities and challenges for students of all abilities to deal with food products and systems. In order to be a relevant and meaningful learning experience, which fully extends students’ understanding and application of food technology, programs developed from this syllabus must take into consideration the life experiences, values, learning styles and characteristics of both male and female students. The knowledge, skills and attitudes gained during the course will have applications to, and provide benefits for, both vocational and general life experiences.

Textiles technology

Textiles Technology is a subject that relates to the clothes you wear, your home and other environments – a subject that is fun, interesting and ever changing! Among other things, you learning what a fibre is and what the elements of design are, and have fun comparing today’s fashions with those of the past. You’ll see how technology influences the textiles world, learn how to design, produce and evaluate textiles items and enjoy hand-on experience. You will carry out design projects that allow you to broaden your knowledge of textiles and put into practice the things you learn. Textiles are a necessary part of society and fascinating to study.

Technology - mandatory Years 7-8

Technology and an understanding of design processes enable people to manage, interpret, shape and alter their environment to improve their quality of life at home, school, in work places and in the broader community. The rapid rate of technological change in an increasingly knowledge-based society highlights the need for flexible technological capability, innovative thinking and effective communication skills.

Technology education integrates both procedural and conceptual knowledge based on a holistic view of design. Students identify needs that have personal relevance, apply design theory and use design processes that encourage flexibility, resourcefulness and imagination in the development, communication and production of quality solutions.

Students learn about technologies and use a range of materials, tools and techniques relevant to the personal, commercial and global areas of human activity. Technologies assume increased importance when they are applied to solve real problems and to create ideas and solutions in response to needs and opportunities for customers, clients or themselves. They can be used to add functional, aesthetic and environmental value to products.

At Cronulla High School we design and manufacture products from Textiles, Foods, Timbers, Metals, Plastics and Electronics to name a few.