Cronulla High School

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Student representative council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) consists of students elected by their peers and teachers. Sixteen students from all year groups were are elected in 2018 to represent the student body at Cronulla High. The SRC meets daily for Roll Call and meets with the Leadership team, including the School Captains, Vice Captains and prefects each fortnight.

The SRC works as an advocate for the needs of the school community, and as a point of contact between the student body and the school. It addresses relevant issues and sets achievable goals which support the school.

The SRC aims to develop leadership skills, ensure student views are heard in decision-making processes, empower students to contribute to a positive school culture and strengthen the school community through active participation.

Members of the SRC are reviewed annually and a formal election is held to provide new students the opportunity to join the Council. Nominations begin late in Term 3.

SRC events and activities 2019

NDA – National Day of Action against Bulling and Harassment.

Leadership Camp at Yarramunid Term 1

Relay for Life

Leadership By the Bay

40 Hour Famine

World Vision Sponsor Child

Jeans for Genes Day