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Drama ensembles

The Drama ensembles provide an opportunity for students to develop performance skills (at varying levels) in acting, improvisation, and collaborative group work. An atmosphere is created whereby students are encouraged to develop self-confidence and other social skills through experimenting creatively in a safe and nurturing environment.

Students are given the opportunity to perform at various events at the school together with performance opportunities in the wider community.

The Year 7 Drama Ensemble is directed by Ms Cody Murphy. Rehearsals take place after school on a weekly basis.

·       Monday 3:10pm-4:00pm, Room I2.

The Year 8 Drama Ensemble ensemble is directed by Ms Caitlin Smith. Rehearsals take place before school on a weekly basis.

·       Thursday 8:00am-8:30am, Room I2.

The Elective Drama Ensemble is directed by Mrs Bel Simon. Rehearsals take place before school on a weekly basis.

·       Monday 7:30am-8:30am, Room I2.