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International student program

Cronulla High School welcomes International Students and Exchange Students to study in a safe and supportive learning environment. Our teachers are committed and determined to provide every student with a good learning environment and any assistance in helping the students pursue and fulfil their academic and personal achievements.

Our International Student Co-ordinator organises support for our student after they have enrolled at Cronulla High School. They organise a “buddy” to help students settle into a new learning environment and contacts parents and guardians regularly to support student’s new life in Australia. Students’ attendance, academic performance and welfare are regularly monitored to ensure that they can achieve well.

For more information, including how to gain a placement (enrolment) at Cronulla High School, please contact the International Student Centre.

CRICOS Provider Name: NSW Department of Education. Provider Code: 00588M


Antonio Knoelker 

Year 11 2022 - Year 12 2023

My time in Australia has been an amazing experience, and one big contributing factor was the choice of enrolling at Cronulla High. The other students were really welcoming, and I quickly found good friends amongst my peers, some of which will even visit me once I go back to Germany.  The teachers were extremely supportive and understanding throughout the entirety of my stay, and I can honestly say I would choose Cronulla again over any other school.

The school system is more interesting than in my home country, and you have a lot more choices regarding what you want to study. I am an avid musician, and the music classes at Cronulla High have enabled me to grow in that field and I was able to form a small rock band. The various opportunities for performances such as the "Music Night" and "Arts in the dark" improved my stage performance and knowledge in stage lighting and Audiotech. Another elective subject I chose was multimedia. I am really interested in coding and computers and Multimedia allowed me to explore this interest and develop my skills. My other electives were SLR (a form of sport class), English, Math Advanced and Physics, and I had a lot of fun in all of them.

Finishing school here is bittersweet. I will miss a lot about this school, but I am very grateful for the friends and experiences I have made along the way.