Cronulla High School

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Bell times

Cronulla High School runs on a 10-day cycle (Week A and Week B) with each day broken into 50 minute periods with the exception of Thursday which incorporates sport and periods run for 45 minutes. This system makes for less daily movement around the school and contributes to a quiet and calm environment. It also keeps bell times sensible, as you will see from the tables below.

Bell times Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Period Start Finish
Assembly 8:45 am 8:55 am
Period 1 8:55 am 9:45 am
Period 2 9:45am 10:35 am
Recess 10:35 am 10:55 am
STAR 10:55 am 11:10 am
Period 3 11:10 am 12:00 pm
Period 4 12:00 pm 12:50 pm
Lunch 1 12:50 pm 1:10 pm
Lunch 2 1:10 pm 1:30 pm
Period 5 1:30 pm 2:20 pm
Period 6 * 2:20 pm 3:10 pm

* Tuesday consists of five periods only, concluding at 2:20 pm for students.

Bell times Thursday

Period Start Finish
Assembly 8:45 am 8:55 am
Period 1 8:55 am 9:40 am
Period 2 9:40 am 10:25 am
Recess 10:25 am 10:45 am
Period 3 10:45 am 11:30 am
Period 4 11:30 am 12:15 pm
Sport Assembly 12:15 pm 12:25 pm
Lunch 1 12:25pm 12:50 pm
Lunch 2 12:50 pm 1:10 pm 
Sport 1:10 pm 2:30 pm

Emergency Bells

One continuous bell - Evacuation (See Emergency Evacuation Procedures)

  • Quickly gather belongings.
  • Close the classroom doors as you leave.
  • Follow red colour arrows, evacuation direction signs.
  • Evacuate the buildings and go to the school oval.
  • Assembly o the oval and sit down in roll call classes facing the school.

Three long bells - Assembly

  • School assembly in the quadrangle
  • Line up in roll call groups

Three long bells repeated - Emergency Assembly

  • Emergency assembly necessary - possible 'INVACUATION'
  • Staff and students move to quadrangle and line up in roll call groups.
  • Follow directions given by assembly chairperson.

Six short bells - 'Lockdown' - Stay in rooms or go to roll call/reading rooms

  • Close and lock classroom doors and windows. Turn off all lights and hide.
  • Head teachers close and lock all external doors then hide in staffroom.
  • Remain in rooms until all clear advice - six short bells again.
  • No further bells after all clear - carry on as normal.
  • Three long bells after all clear - school assembly in the quadrangle.

Classroom hazard

  • Evacuate all students away from the immediate danger.
  • Close all doors as you leave the classroom.
  • Notify the Deputy or Principal of the emergency. (Send two messengers)
  • Take a roll call and advise the Deputy or Principal of any missing students.