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HSC result

Below is an overview of the HSC results for 2023:

  • 67 Band 6s, 255 Band 5s and 255 Band 4s.
  • 42.6% of all bands awarded were Bands 5-6 and 76.4% of all bands awarded were Bands 4-6.
  • The average HSC score for our students was 76.6. The average HSC score for Similar School Groups was 73.8, while the average HSC score for the State was 73.2.
  • A Band 6 result was achieved in 21 of the 34 courses examined.
  • 38 students made the Distinguished Achievers List, meaning that they were awarded at least one Band 6. This represents more than a quarter of our students.
  • 27 of 35 (77%) subjects examined were above state average.
  • 11 of the examined courses had an average mark above the state average of three or greater: Construction VET (>6), Dance (>8), Design & Technology (>5), English Standard (>5), English Studies (>5), Entertainment VET (>12), Food Technology (>6), Geography (>4), History Extension (>3), Hospitality VET (>3), Legal Studies (>5).
  • Charlie Mooney placed first in NSW for Construction VET while Charlie Purcell placed second in NSW for Construction VET.
  • Brayden Ward placed third in NSW for English Standard.
  • Elise Atfield, Olivia Dresser, Charlie Hunter, Billie Powell were nominated for Callback in Dance
  • Sarah Stanley-Jones and Amber Macpherson in Design & Technology had their major works nominated for Shape
  • Nelson Zhen had his Industrial Technology major works nominated for InTech
  • Jasmine Ranabhat was awarded DUX with an ATAR of 98.10 with 18 other students achieving an ATAR above 90.
  • 62% of our students achieved a first round university offer.

We are extremely proud of the results achieved by 2023 Year 12 students. Many set goals for themselves, worked hard, made sacrifices and met their teachers half way to achieve these outstanding results. Congratulations to both the students and their teachers.