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HSC result

Below is a quick summary of the wonderful Higher School Certificate results achieved by our class of 2021:

  • 39 Band 6s, 245 Band 5s and 115 Band 4s.
  • Bands 5 & 6 (the top two bands) made up 43.3% of all Bands achieved. The state average was 34.8%.
  • Bands 4, 5 & 6 (the top three bands) made up 74.9%. The state average is 63.3%.
  • The average HSC score for our students was 76. The average HSC score for Similar School Groups was 74 while the average HSC score for the State was 73.
  • Band 6 was achieved in 22 of the 34 courses examined.
  • David Niumataiwalu made the HSC-All Rounder List meaning he achieved a Band 6 in at least five of his subjects.
  • Twenty two students made the Distinguished Achievers List meaning that they were awarded at least one Band 6.
  • 19 of 34 subjects examined were above state average
  • Nine of the examined courses had an average mark above the state average of three or greater: Ancient History (>9), Business Studies (>4), Chemistry (>3), Entertainment VET (>4), Industrial Technology Multi Media (>6), Mathematics Standard (>5), Mathematics Advanced (>3), Modern History (>5), Physics (>3).
  • Ella McGaw’s visual arts major body of work chosen for 2021 HSC Art Express.
  • Chelsea Jordan’s dance performance was nominated for HSC Dance Callback 2021.
  • McKenzie Reeves’ major music performance was nominated for 2021 HSC Encore.
  • Eva Maurer’s major artwork was chosen for 2021 HSC Art Rules at Hazelhurst.
  • David Niumataiwalu was awarded DUX with an ATAR of 98.6.
  • 63% of our students achieved a first round university offer.

The top three ATAR scores were:

Ø  David Niumataiwalu 98.60

Ø  Luke Hails 95.45

Ø  Riley Leighton 94.45

The 2021 Year 12 students certainly deserve to be congratulated on their achievements after one considers the obstacles that COVID and home learning placed on them. Despite these challenges many remained engaged, showed tremendous resilience and trusted their teachers.

Congratulations also to their teachers for their commitment, professionalism and going over and above for their students.