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Targeted surfing program

Cronulla High School's Targeted Surfing Program

As our students often demonstrate we have many talented athletes at Cronulla High School and with the schools’ geographic location bordering the southern beaches of Sydney, many of our students participate in the sport of surfing. Surfing is now recognised as an Olympic sport and at Cronulla High School we see this program as a vital component in the identification and development of surfing talent that will contribute to building a high-performance pathway for our students. We see a huge benefit for a pedagogical model that combines a high-quality education and sports coaching in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Cronulla High School's Targeted Surfing Program, the first in the area, will give students from years 8-10 who are part of the program an opportunity to participate in extensive self improvement courses and workshops.

To be selected for the Targeted Surfing Program, students have had to go through an extensive selection process which involved endorsements by local board rider clubs, teacher referee, written application process with attached recent school reports and finally, an interview with the Principal and the Targeted Surfing Program Leaders.

We have a large amount of local businesses supporting the program and this has given the students some extra incentive to step up. We are lucky enough to be supported by Breen Resources, Triple Bull, Carve Visionaries, Payne Pacific, Cronulla Surfing Academy, Lean performance, D Bowls Acai, Munster kids, Dylan Surfboards, Grants engraving, Cj Signs, G.O.A.T. sports gear and Watkins Real estate.

The students are part of the program on a term by term basis in which their contract will be reviewed at the end of every term. Students need to be coach-able, cooperative, display a willingness for self improvement, positively represent the school, and also perform academically to the best of their ability.

At school, students need to

  • Demonstrate respect for staff and students
  • Demonstrate the ability to follow school rules
  • Minimal negative behavioural incidents

Students are participating in

  • Expert coaching sessions
  • Personalised, surf specific training programs
  • Technical and competitive skill development
  • Regular Bio- mechanical and video analysis
  • Sports psychology and mental health initiatives
  • Teacher mentoring

We are already seeing positive outcomes in a number of the students, not only mental health and general well being and displaying a team mentality and general willingness to improve themselves both in surfing and at school.

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