Cronulla High School

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Learning support

The Learning and Support Team (LST) is a dynamic, experienced team consisting of the Head Teacher Wellbeing; Learning and Support Teachers (LaSTs); and the School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs). The primary role of the LST is to support students with diverse learning needs through the coordination, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of adjustments and supports that work to enable a student with disability to access learning and show their achievement.

With an emphasis on the needs of individual students, school priorities, and evidence-based programs, the LST is responsible for facilitating collaborative planning between teachers, support staff, parents and students. In partnership with individual students and their parents or caregivers, members of the LST develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) with personalised adjustments and strategies to provide authentic, relevant and meaningful learning opportunities for students.  

Our LaSTs and SLSOs support students across all grades and subjects through: collaboration with external service providers, in-class support for students and teachers within an inclusive setting, differentiated learning programs, disability provisions to support students to access assessments and examinations, transition support, small group and individual withdrawal, organisation and social skills development and team teaching.