Cronulla High School

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Learning support

In 2012, the Department of Education and Training launched the Every Student, Every School program which is governed by the Disability Standards for Education 2005. 'The Education Standards set out a process to be followed, to ensure that students with disability are provided with opportunities to realise their potential through participating in education and training on the same basis as other students'. The program embraces the areas of: teaching and learning; curriculum; collaboration; accountability and teacher quality.

The Learning and Support Team (LST) is responsible for managing the learning of students and supporting teachers so that students achieve, to the best of their ability, learning outcomes in the various subjects and includes 'providing reasonable adjustments to the student’s learning program and /or their learning environment to enable their access and participation on the same basis as other students'.

The LST members, include: the Head Teacher of Teaching and Learning; the Learning and Support Teacher (LaST); and the School Learning Support Officers. The LST meets weekly and discusses the needs of identified students and outlines strategies that will assist them in their learning.

'Students with disability, or their parents, must be consulted on the personal adjustments that will be provided'. To this end, members of the LST meet with the student and their parents or caregivers to organise and agree upon an effective Personalised Learning Plan (PLP). The plan is documented and made available to the teachers so that they can make the adjustments that are required for the student to be successful in their learning.

Support is also provided in other ways. For example, the SLSOs assist students and teachers in the classroom; identified students are taught spelling and Mathematics; adjustments are made to assessment tasks; disability provisions are made available for identified students to access assessments and examinations.