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Personal development, health and physical education

The PDHPE staffs at Cronulla High School are an experienced and enthusiastic team of dedicated teachers, who work tirelessly to help students achieve their potential within this important Key Learning Area. We hope to ignite a passion in our students for lifelong learning and to develop their skills and knowledge to lead positive, active and healthy lives.

All subjects taught in the Key Learning Area of PDHPE incorporate teaching activities, which include literacy strategies, extension tasks and utilise current technology in both theory and practical lessons.

Satisfactory completion of the mandatory PDHPE course will be recorded with a grade on the student’s Record of School Achievement.

Stage 4 and 5 Mandatory Subject Years 7 – 10 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) contributes significantly to the cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of students. It provides opportunities for students to learn about, and practise ways of, adopting and maintaining a healthy, productive and active life. It also involves students learning through movement experiences that are both challenging and enjoyable, and improving their capacity to move with skill and confidence in a variety of contexts. It promotes the value of physical activity in their lives.

Stage 5 Elective Subjects Years 9 – 10 Physical Activity and Sports Studies

Physical Activity and Sports Studies incorporates a wide range of lifelong physical activities, including recreational, leisure and adventure pursuits, competitive and non-competitive games, individual and group physical fitness activities, and the use of physical activity for therapy and remediation.

Child Studies

Child Studies explores the broad range of social, environmental, genetic and cultural factors that influence pre-natal development and a child’s sense of wellbeing and belonging between 0 and 8 years of age.

Stage 6 Elective Subjects Years 11 – 12

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education - PDHPE

PDHPE is an integrated area of study that provides for the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of students. It involves students learning about and practising ways of maintaining active, healthy lifestyles and improving their health status. It is also concerned with social and scientific understandings about movement, which lead to enhance movement potential and appreciation of movement in their lives.

Community and Family Studies - CAFS

CAFS is an interdisciplinary course drawing upon selected components of family studies, sociology, developmental psychology and students’ general life experiences. This course focuses on skills in resource management that enable people to function effectively in their everyday lives, in families and communities.

Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation - SLR

SLR enables Stage 6 students to build upon their learning in Years K–10 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. Specifically, it focuses on those aspects of the learning area that relate most closely to participation in sport and physical activity.

The Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation Content Endorsed Course develops in each student the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to adopt active and health-promoting lifestyles.