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Welcome to the Library

Cronulla High School Library serves a variety of purposes for the larger school community. Consisting of four levels, five classrooms, two staffrooms and an Open High room, it is a flexible and busy place where students and teachers connect, collaborate and share resources and ideas that promote lifelong learning, friendships and skills. Many programs and initiatives are promoted through the library. Click on the image to find out more about what we offer.

Cronulla High School Collection

Our library holds an enviable collection that ranges from the most recent fiction novels, both classic and modern, to a comprehensive variety of graphic novels to an informative, and sometimes quirky, non-fiction section. Our texts also cater for advanced readers all the way through to those who need a bit more guidance. Along with our physical space, our virtual library is also versatile and flexible – always with up-to-date resources and subscriptions to assist in student learning. Click the image for more information about each aspect of our collection.


School Catalogue

Cronulla High School is an Oliver school, an interactive catalogue searching tool. This is available through the DET student portal in the top left corner. Oliver also retains an account for each student detailing current loans, reservations and overdue notices so parents and students are able to see at a glance what resources are on loan or overdue.

Cronulla High School Library subscribes to databases that are available through Library Moodle. These databases require a username and password and are available for use by Cronulla High School students only. Click the image to see a list of databases available.

Library Moodle

The Library has its own Moodle page that assists with connecting students to their research needs. As well as Library lesson plans, Moodle also has links to student support services, our subscription research databases, guides to referencing and citation and our catalogue and much more.

Sutherland Shire Libraries

Cronulla High School Library is proud to be a member of a strong community network that connects all school and community libraries. With the central library at Sutherland, the Shire community libraries offer invaluable support to children of all ages. From free school holiday programs and workshops with a clear curriculum focus to seminars and lectures for specific HSC subject/exam success, Sutherland Shire libraries also makes available comprehensive access to a range of credible research databases such as Britannica Online. You must be a member though, so fill in the membership application form (link is a PDF) and return to Cronulla High School library ASAP!

Referencing and Citations

Cronulla High School takes plagiarism very seriously. It is important for students to be able to convey learned knowledge in their own words and also attribute theories and concepts to appropriate scholarly sources. A basic guide to our referencing and citation standards is available on Moodle. Cite this from me is also our preferred bibliography builder. Cronulla High School uses APA referencing format.

One school. One community. One library.

A dynamic, inclusive place where students can create, collaborate and connect with each other and the school.


A place for teachers, students and parents to feel connected to the school community. A place of collaboration where leadership skills and team work are honed by project-based learning. We apply our new skills to real world projects with relevance, connectedness and enthusiasm.