Cronulla High School

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  • supporting students in their successful transition from school to work
  • developing students’ capacity to identify skills and capabilities which relate to future goals and options
  • students gaining the skills and confidence to be independent, self – aware, resourceful and alert to the choices and opportunities available in their lives
  • building student resilience, confidence and career competence
  • working with parents and carers, peers, professionals, employers and the community
  • fostering the development of career skills through the school curriculum
  • creating improved links to further education, training and employment

For every student, school is the training ground and platform for their future endeavors…the career journey starts here!

We all want a life that is personally rewarding and productive, where our needs of work and life balance and personal fulfilment are met.

To ensure each student has the opportunity to learn, mature and reach their potential we have:

  • Timetabled Year 10 Careers classes
  • Work Experience Program Years 9 – 12
  • Year 10 Mock Interviews
  • Year 12 Interviews
  • Guest Speakers
  • TAFE courses include, Stage 5 and Stage 6 TVET, Get into Vet.
  • School Based Apprentices and Trainees
  • Opportunities to attend excursions to explore future career options
  • Organised WHS courses
  • The wealth of incoming career Information dispersed via email

To support students in learning how to manage their ‘career journey’ by knowing how to access and use relevant career information independently, and how to access services we provide:

Cronulla High Careers is a ‘one stop shop’ for everything you need for career planning and help, such as UAC, VET, latest news and events, interest test, find a job, choose a university, gap year, create a resume, youth allowance and much more…

Job Jump offers a weekly careers news bulletin, emails to students on any of their chosen careers for which they have registered, a full directory of the top 140 career sites, a comprehensive digital ATAR and university course sorter that works hand in hand with the UAC handbook and so much more

Mycareermatch is a career personality questionnaire. When completed, you receive your personal profile report…all very interesting! The website offers other career information as well.