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Amazing HSC Results!

2023 HSC Results

Congratulations to our Year 12 2023 cohort on their outstanding HSC results!

67 Band 6 results (plus 5 notional Band 6)

255 Band 5s

255 Band 4s

All your efforts have paid off and we couldn’t be prouder.

The amazing news continues as the 2023 HSC cohort included 19 students who received an ATAR result over 90:

Elise Atfield – 90.25

Claudia Badorrek - 91.40

Sophie Bourke – 91.30

Harrison Brady – 91.95

Kaden Field – 95.20

Riley Fowler – 91.95

Alexander Gawne – 94.25

Ruby Glenn – 90.60

Max Goyen – 93.20

Alexa Marshall – 97.65

Zane Martin – 94.85

Charlie Mooney – 94.60

Jade Oliver - 94.10

Spyros Papadatos – 96.55

Tiarna Phillpot – 96.40

Jasmine Ranabhat – 98.10

Alexander Robinson - 92.05

Brayden Ward – 93.40

Sienna Wiggins – 93.70

Congratulations to Charlie Mooney who ranked 1st in the State for Construction Examination!

Charlie set himself high goals and worked diligently with his teachers to achieve them. An amazing result for a deserving student!

Charlie's story is a featured story from the live HSC blog from the Department of Education. You can watch it using the link below.

Exciting news - not one, but two top places in the Construction Examination course!

Congratulations to Charlie Purcell who ranked 2nd in the state! What an outstanding achievement for a hardworking student. Well done!

The Construction teacher, Mr Ian Moore, also deserves congratulations. This is an incredible result!


Another state ranking for Cronulla High School Students!

Congratulations to Brayden Ward who ranked 3rd in the state for Standard English! A phenomenal result reflective of Brayden’s diligent efforts.

Amazing work by all our Distinguished Achievers. The following students achieved at least one Band 6 result:

Chanelle Anderlum – Community and Family Studies

Elise Atfield – Business Studies, Dance

Claudia Badorrek – Drama

Sophie Bourke – Society and Culture

Harrison Brady – Business Studies, Legal Studies

Megan Bright – Business Studies

Lilly Brown – Food Technology, Legal Studies

Ella Butschi – Design and Technology

Indiana Colys – Design and Technology

Tia Cook – Entertainment Industry Examination

Matilda Cootes – Entertainment Industry Examination

Gemma Doyle – PD/H/PE

Madison Doyle – Construction Examination

Alannah Etcell – Community and Family Studies

Kaden Field – Business Studies, PD/H/PE

Riley Fowler – Geography, PD/H/PE

Alexander Gawne – Biology, Earth and Environmental Science

Ruby Glenn – Society and Culture

Alexa Marshall – Business Studies, English Advanced, Legal Studies, PD/H/PE

Zane Martin – Mathematics Extension 1

Jordan McAllister – Biology, PD/H/PE

Amber McPherson – Design and Technology

Kurt Montgomery – Business Studies

Charlie Mooney – Business Studies, Mathematics Standard 2, Construction Examination

Shelley Morton – Business Studies, Legal Studies, Entertainment Industry Examination

Jade Oliver – English Advanced, Modern History, Legal Studies

Spyros Papadatos – Legal Studies, Mathematics Extension 1

Tiarna Phillpot – Business Studies, English Advanced, Legal Studies, History Extension, Society and Culture

Billy Powell – Dance

Charlie Purcell – Construction Examination

Jasmine Ranabhat – Biology, English Advanced, English Extension 1, Legal Studies

Filomena Sakamoto – English Advanced, Food Technology

Joshua Simpson – Mathematics Standard 2

Kye Spencer – PD/H/PE

Sarah Stanley-Jones – Design and Technology

Brayden Ward – English Standard, PD/H/PE

Sienna Wiggins – Biology, English Advanced, Entertainment Industry Examination

Natasha Zimin – English Advanced, English Extension 1